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    Year 6 Students Captivate with Silk Road Celebration


    03 Jun, 2024

    13 : 15

    • In a vibrant display of creativity and cultural exploration, Year 6 students at YCIS Chongqing recently hosted a learning celebration that transported attendees along the historic Silk Road.


      The event marked the culmination of an immersive unit on "Adventurers and Explorers," where students delved deep into the stories of famous pioneers and embarked on a virtual journey through ancient China.


      "The trip to Xi'an really brought the topic to life for our students," said Year 6 teacher, Mr. Singh "They were able to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of Chinese culture, and it showed in the remarkable work they presented."


      The learning celebration was a multi-faceted spectacle, featuring:


      Enchanting musical performances, as students showcased their ability to explore different ways of notating pitch through singing, reading, and composing Chinese melodies on recorders.

      Captivating shadow puppet shows that transported the audience back in time.

      Immersive student-created videos documenting their experiences during the Xi'an trip.

      A dazzling Tang Dynasty Fashion Show, where students donned stunning traditional attire.


      Beyond the stage, the event highlighted the students' exceptional work across various subjects. In art class, they crafted their own Terracotta Warrior army, employing techniques like foam printing and pencil graphite transfer to not only explore historical significance but also foster creativity and refine fine motor skills.


      "The way the students were able to connect their Silk Road adventures to subjects like Chinese Studies, English, and Digital Literacy was truly impressive," said the Western Co-Principal, Mr. Wise. "It's a testament to the depth of their learning and the dedication of our teachers."


      In Chinese Studies, students designed beautiful Silk Fans, while in English, they created Digital Xi'an Books to showcase their research and reflections. In Digital Literacy, they used Tinkercad to design and 3D print structures inspired by ancient Chinese architecture.


      The learning celebration was a fitting culmination to the unit, aligning perfectly with the school's mission to promote cultural understanding and the arts.


      "We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 students and the way they've embraced this learning journey," said Mr. Stefan, another Year 6 teacher, "Their passion, creativity, and intellectual curiosity have truly shone through, and we can't wait to see what they'll accomplish next."