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    Primary Public Speaking Competition


    11 Jun, 2024

    09 : 06

    • Our Public Speaking Competition is an activity the school hosts every year. It is a perfect opportunity for students to showcase their public speaking skills, build their confidence while speaking in front of a large audience, as well as contribute to their personal growth.


      On Monday, June 3rd, the Primary school held the Public Speaking Competition Final. All our students worked hard in their English writing classes to create original pieces of work related to their recent learning, and they practiced performing their speeches in lessons. Each learning community put forward four students for the final.


      It was pleasing to see some students who were relatively new to learning English performing so confidently and eloquently on the stage. Our Primary students enthusiastically clapped to support speakers, and the parent fan section was next level - they had the flags waving, the noisemakers going, and the cheers echoing through the halls, making the event feel like a fierce, competitive arena!


      The concluding awards ceremony provided a fitting end to the event. Many of the students were inspired and determined to take the stage themselves next year. We are impressed by our students developing mastery of English; we encourage all our students to continue to take risks, using English in new and exciting ways.