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    Celebrating Differences Day


    03 Jun, 2024

    13 : 04

    • We are thrilled to share the success of our recent Celebrating Differences Day, which was held on Friday, May 24, 2024, with the theme "Embracing Diversity: One World, Many Cultures." This event was a day to recognize and appreciate the differences that make us unique as individuals, communities, and cultures.


      Our students enthusiastically participated in the day's events, dressing up in traditional clothing that represented their cultural backgrounds. The day was filled with various activities that students completed with their house buddies.


      Cultural Games provided an opportunity for students to engage in friendly competition while learning about different cultures. These games, including Pinata, Pitch Pot, and Soda Can Roll, highlighted the customs and traditions of various communities.


      Language exchange encouraged participants to interact with others and learn new languages, fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding.


      The art project activity for Celebrating Differences Day was a fantastic way to encourage students to explore and express their cultural identities through art.


      Finally, students participated in various dances, including "小苹果广场舞," Hula dance, Swing dance, and Tarantella. All students had a fun time showcasing the diversity of cultures and traditions through these performances.


      We were honored to have guest speakers who shared their experiences and what inspired them to become advocates for diversity and inclusivity. They provided valuable ideas to our students on how we can celebrate our differences while also finding common ground.


      We want to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this event and helped make it a success. We look forward to continuing our efforts to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity in our community.