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    Unleashing Creativity and Ideas: Chongqing YCIS Students Shine at TEDx Talk


    30 Jun, 2023

    10 : 14

    • On June 19, tomorrow’s future took to the stage to show the world they have, “an idea worth sharing”. Twenty-six students from YCIS Chongqing delivered their TEDx speeches.


      The TEDx slogan is ‘Have an idea worth sharing”, and the students didn’t disappoint. The audience learned about various topics such as health, self-improvement, outer space and environmental issues. The speakers learned how to reflect, communicate and be risk-takers.


      How did they do it? During the school year, the students participated in a TEDx CCA and worked tirelessly to create, craft, and deliver a speech. They learned to create curiosity, connect with a personal story, share lessons learned and deliver a powerful message to the audience. But most importantly, they learned how to deliver a speech and conquer their stage fright.


      The result? Every student exceeded expectations and went outside their comfort zone to accomplish something most people only dream of. With hard work and persistence, they showed us that we can all accomplish great things.