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    Congratulations! 2024-25 Scholarship Winners!


    22 Apr, 2024

    13 : 35

    • YCIS Chongqing is excited to announce the latest recipients of the YCYW scholarship awards for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Following a thorough and rigorous application and selection process, we are pleased to honor six exceptional students with scholarships. We received an impressive number of applications, with over 30 students showcasing their talents and potential from both within and outside the school.


      The Yew Chung Yew Wah Scholarship Programme is a merit-based award that acknowledges the highest levels of academic achievement, leadership, and service from our students. It targets highly motivated and uniquely talented students who can benefit from a bilingual international education with a strong creative element. 


      This year's scholarship opportunities have been expanded to encompass not only the core subjects of English, Math, and Chinese but also diverse fields such as Music, Art and Design, and Humanities. By embracing a holistic approach, we aim to foster well-rounded individuals who can excel in various domains.


      Now, let's hear directly from our scholarship recipients as they share their heartfelt experiences and insights.


      Why You?


      Zack: I would say what sets me apart from others is that I am not afraid to keep trying and enjoy opportunities to help and inspire others. This year I applied for a Seeds of Hope-supported project and currently I am leading interested students in a CCA which focuses in creating Chinese texts to practice Chinese language. I would like to encourage others to conquer from within: to be a voice, not an echo.


      Ayeong: I think my academic achievements and enthusiasm for Economics made me stand out as a deserving recipient of this scholarship.


      Yuly: Since I was young, I had a determination to pursue high-standard goals and conquer challenges. In my learning process, I have used this determination to overcome obstacles in my academic studies and push myself out of my comfort zone when dealing with leadership situations.


      Cheryl: I am truly grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship, and I see it as a reflection of my ongoing commitment. Being selected is not only a recognition of my efforts but also a motivation to keep contributing meaningfully to our community and field of study.


      Qiqi: It is not an ability that comes overnight. This may come off as pretentious, but I feel it is my ability of how far I can push my confidence.


      Ryan: My aspirations in fields such as school team sports and musical education have broadened my experiences in diverse fields of studies, with a strong desire to further my capabilities in all selected subjects. Furthermore, serving as a young member of leadership committees has empowered me to take future steps in becoming a more well-rounded leader in student-led projects.


      How to go from Me to Us?


      Zack: In the future I hope to continue to inspire more students in learning and discovering. I plan to do so through arranging activities like CCAs or competitions so students can discover more joy while learning.


      Ayeong: I will promote cross-cultural understanding through CCAs, language initiatives, and joining committees. By fostering an environment of inclusiveness and appreciation for diversity, I will help create a school community that celebrates and respects the unique contributions of each individual.


      Yuly: With this scholarship as recognition, I will be more motivated to influence my fellow students and contribute to the school community in the future. Also, I will provide more service to the school - for example, organizing an art club that helps students to improve their art skills.


      Cheryl:  I plan to use the newly created Model United Nations club, where upper secondary students can collaborate with their younger peers, promoting a sense of unity. By organizing joint activities, I aim to create opportunities for interaction and mutual learning. These efforts will not only allow for more collaboration but also encourage students to contribute positively to the broader community, embodying the transition from 'Me' to 'Us' through active engagement and support for one another.


      Qiqi: I want to inspire, ensure students believe they can always follow their passions, as it will bring them the life they desire. Nowadays, it’s a cliché being tossed around, losing its significance. I want people to understand that it truly is essential.


      Ryan: I will take the initiative to promote school-wide student leadership opportunities and encourage the learning of Math in our school, whether academically or as an co-curricular hobby.


      Congratulations to all our scholarship awardees of the 2024-25 school year! Your achievements serve as an inspiration to the entire YCIS Chongqing community.