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    A Remarkable Music Journey


    09 Apr, 2024

    10 : 21

    • On March 16th, YCYW had its first Seeds of Hope Concert since 2019. In the past, this was a premiere event boasting performances from the foundation’s most talented students. It would be no exaggeration to say that the recent revival of this concert held true to this tradition, and reflected the power and high ability of our YCYW Music programs.


      A group of ten young, talented musicians from Chongqing flew to Shanghai to embark on this special journey. Emma, Declan, Rachel, Qiqi, Ryan, Melody, Jasraj, Alice, Alina, and Wei Xuan showcased their skills through solos and ensemble performances. Intense rehearsals with peers and staff from sister schools nurtured friendships and expanded musical techniques.


      The concert was a resounding success. Afterwards, the students enjoyed exploring iconic parts of Shanghai, cherishing their accomplishments.


      Looking ahead, YCIS Chongqing students are poised for future Seeds of Hope concerts, including the upcoming one in Guangzhou. The experience ignited their music dreams and fostered collaboration with sister schools, promising a harmonious future of shared accomplishments.