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    Coding Math Adventures: Exploring Percentages with the TI Rover


    15 Dec, 2023

    09 : 48

    • On Thursday, December 7th, Year 8 students had an exciting math class that went beyond textbooks. They got to work with the TI Rover, a programmable robot that brought math concepts to life. This hands-on experience bridged the gap between theory and real-world applications, making math more tangible and engaging.


      The students coded the TI Rover and dived into a unit on percentages. The highlight of the class was the percentage race, a popular activity with the robot. In this challenge, students had to calculate and input precise percentage values to control the distance their robots traveled


      This approach not only enhances computational thinking but also boosts engagement and motivation, as students see mathematics come to life through technology and collaboration. 


      Incorporating the TI Rover into classroom activities proved to be a dynamic method of putting the 'M'—Mathematics—into STEM education. It provided a hands-on learning experience that applied percentages, the focus of their current studies. Ultimately, it demonstrated that math is not just a set of abstract concepts, but a practical tool that can be utilized through modern technology and teamwork.