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    Chinese Study in ECE


    15 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • At YCIS, we promote “play-based” learning model in our ECE programme. In the Chinese study curriculum, we introduced different activities that meet students’ interest and encourage students to learn Chinese language through play.

      For our young ECE children, Listening and Speaking are the two main methods of learning a language. Guided by teachers, students practice their listening and speaking skills through daily play activities. Students are encouraged to communicate in Chinese, which prepares them to develop their future reading capability.

      The ECE Chinese Curriculum is made of the following five parts:

      1. Story and world knowledge focus
      2. Chinese Traditional Festival
      3. Chinese Culture Related Activities
      4. Children’s Literacy
      5. Early Childhood Reading

      Our Chinese teachers place an emphasis on developing the students’ sense of Chinese language in their daily communication. Through students’ practicing listening, speaking, reading, and writing, we help the children understand that language is a useful tool for communication. We encourage our young learners to listen carefully and express themselves confidently.