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    Year 8VH Gets That Hardcore Parkour


    14 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • One of the many exciting things students at YCIS are able to learn in PE is the art of Parkour. After an exciting class of running, jumping, and twisting, students Sunny Choi, Luke Cherian, and Tom Na ask Mr. Will Kwakkel some hard hitting questions:

      What are the benefits of parkour?

      This activity offers students a chance to face challenges head-on and overcome fears. Students will realize they can do things they have never expected they can do. Moreover, parkour has many health benefits (building core strength, cardiovascular endurance and stronger bones), it promotes quick thinking skills, fosters creativity, boosts confidence and encourages teamwork and leadership skills.

      What parts of the GCLP does parkour embody?

      “Risk-taker”: students are facing challenges they have not be for and there is a chance for injury.

      “Creative and Critical Thinker”: students have to figure out the best way to get through a course.

      “Communicative”: so that students don’t run into each other.

      “Principled and responsible”: because they need to use the course and their bodies responsibly.

      “Whole person”: because students build strength and courage.

      Are we the best parkourers you have ever seen?

      The beautiful thing about parkour is that there is no right or wrong and you can really do this at your own level. You are the best Y8VH parkour students I have ever seen.

      Groups from Year 5 to Year 13 will showcase their performances during a ‘Blast from the Past’ Parkour Night on the 6th of June in the gym of YCIS, you are invited to enjoy the show with us!