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    No Lights Day


    23 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • As part of becoming students who are ‘Knowledgeable with a Global Conscience’, the Sustainability Committee of YCIS Chongqing has put together some events to celebrate Earth Day.

      The first event was ‘No Lights Day’.

      The students and staff endeavored to use as little electricity as possible during the day focusing on the use of projectors, air-conditioning and of course, the lights.

      The teachers had to be extra creative to maintain the high-standard of engaging lessons without the use of their usual technology. Many classes made use of the natural light outdoors. These techniques demonstrated to the staff and students the opportunities around us and highlighted where we perhaps use electricity excessively.

      The day was well-supported by students and staff in the lead-up to the Earth Day bazaar next week.