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    Amazing Race YCIS


    20 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • As an annual school wide event, Amazing Race becomes one of the favorite activities that YCIS students and staff look forward to.

      On Friday, April 13th, 48 secondary students joined with 24 teachers and staff to compete in the 4th annual Amazing Race Chongqing.

      Starting with a twist, the 18 teams of 4 became 9 teams of 8 to compete in a challenging obstacle course while tied together, wrist-to-wrist. Balance, coordination and patience determined the order in which teams arrived to the next challenge, the collection and assembly of various wooden Kongming puzzles.

      In the third challenge, the teams were treated to (or tortured with) various snacks found in the local gas station food section. Dance moves were on display in the fourth challenge as teams were required to receive a set score on a “Just Dance Wii” game. Finally, a series of secret codes were deciphered before each team received instruction to find the finish line.

      Although everyone who started the race was ultimately successful, only one team was truly victorious. Congratulations to this year’s winner of The Amazing Race Chongqing: Mr. Kwakkel, Miss Weir, Miss Heather and Miss Cook!

      See you all next year at the 5th annual Amazing Race!