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    Music Year 9 Should Know


    11 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Here’s a little peek into the Year 9 Music class and their current activities.

      Students have been learning a unit called “Music You Should Know”, put together by Mr. Vukovich. The unit consists of music from the last century, including bands ranging from the Beach Boys to Queen, and famous artists like Elvis Presley and Madonna.

      The Year 9s are happy to be learning this unit because they want to know more about how the music today became what it is. Recently, they have also learnt about older styles of music, like Gregorian chants, and the roots of modern genres, like the blues.

      For their next project, they are putting together presentations on chosen artists that were not covered in the unit during class. They were allowed to choose their own partners, some working alone, and were given a selection of solo artists and bands from the proper timeline.