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    Listening Through Violin Instruction


    04 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Through the process of practicing violin, students have developed their active listening skill which is a key to academic achievement. In addition to finger shifting and bow strokes, students also learn to focus, listen, adjust and react.

      Students often ask, “What’s the secret to make nice music? What can I do to make it sound better?” These students not only listen to the music or teachers’ instructions, they also listen to themselves, caring more about the quality of the sounds they make, trying to improve and create clear, concise and beautiful music.

      Active listening makes students more aware of musical practice, understanding the difference of each piece of musical work, and leads them to further explore the musical world. Furthermore, with improved active listening skills, students tend to develop better problem-solving skills and achieve more in their all-around study life as well.