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    2018 Science Fair


    30 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Science Fair 2018, held March 30, served as the culmination of an exciting week of science exploration at YCIS Chongqing.

      The week saw a wide range of science activities for both Primary and Secondary students. All elementary classes spent time in the Secondary Science Labs, experiencing science in action with our Secondary Science teachers.

      Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students spent the week engaged in a paper airplane design competition. Classes had four days to design and build paper airplanes to compete in two competitions, longest flight time and furthest flight. Thursday afternoon, students and staff gathered on the sports field for the final test of their designs. Cai Kit Puah (Ethan) took home the prize for longest flight time, with a flight of 3.78 seconds, and Changjin Kim (CJ) soared past everyone else for a winning distance of 19.4 meters.

      Friday afternoon, months’ worth of research and effort were put on display for families and the community, as Science Fair 2018 got underway. Students from Year Six through Year Ten presented their research findings. Year Eleven students created Rube Goldberg machines. Year Twelve and Year Thirteen students conducted demonstrations of various scientific concepts.

      While there were many excellent projects and demonstration on display, YCIS Chongqing would like to recognize the following students:

      • Science Fair 2018 overall champion: Yang Lei
      • Science Fair 2018 Best Demo: Jonguk Cheon
      • Science Fair 2018 People’s Choice: TBD
      • Year 6 champion: Nathan Hayley & Juyhun (Justin) Lee
      • Year 6 second place: Jeehoon (Alex) Jung & Jun Sagong
      • Year 6 most creative: Luken Irigoyen Benavides, Seungmin Lee & Alberto Laderia Duro
      • Year 7 champion: Jeewon (Amy) Jung & Yiwen Xu
      • Year 7 second place: Krishangakumar Senthilkumar & Han-Heng (Mike) Huang
      • Year 7 most creative: Francisco Estevens & Chen Rui Lee
      • Year 8 champion: Chaeyun Kang & Dain (Olivia) Choi
      • Year 8 second place: Seohyeon (Sunny) Choi & Yeonjung (Ella) Cho
      • Year 8 most creative: Qingmei (Tina) Wang & Sana Nakano
      • Year 9 champion: Jack Hayley & Iker Irigoyen Benavides
      • Year 9 second place: Seungyeop (Ryan) Shin & Dahyeon (Chris) Lee
      • Year 9 most creative: Mathew Marignald Leano
      • Year 10 champion: Jinglai (Brian) Ji & Sharlett Hsieh
      • Year 10 second place: Laura Duro & Ashlyn Clare Dwyer/Solbi Chung & Chaekyung (Jolly) Cheon
      • Year 10 most creative: Bolam Choi & Sunwoo Lee
      • Rube Goldberg machine champion: Junje (Willy) Hur & Minsung Kim

      Thank you to all who helped make Science Week 2018 a success.