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    Exploring the Sea Life in Chongqing with Year 2


    12 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On March 5, a mysterious guy stepped into Year 2’s classroom with a lot of joy and knowledge. Who is he? He is a shark named Kuku from Sea Life Chongqing. Mr. Simon who works at Sea Life Chongqing explained the concept of BRP to our kids in both Chinese and English. B represents Breed, R represents Rescue and P represents Protect. Not only did we get to know new marine animals, but we also recognized the importance of protecting marine animals.

      On March 8, our Year 2s were finally able to visit Sea Life Chongqing. This time a lovely lady, Ms. Doris was our tour guide. We learnt about starfish and octopi with Ms. Doris and then started our fantastic journey at Sea Life Chongqing!

      We touched the starfish, watched the charmingly naive sea turtle and even went to the aquarium’s backstage area to understand the operation of the Sea Life Chongqing. There were some extremely fancy aquariums. Some of them could let us step inside and see cute clownfish; while others look like big crystal balls which allow us to see the slowly moving sea eel; moreover, it was amazing to see Blacktip shark swim promptly over your head in a long subsea tunnel.

      Although no one wanted the journey at Sea Life Chongqing to end, the passion for us to exploring the sea will never stop!