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    ECE First Aid Session


    09 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On Tuesday the 6th of March, our School Nurse Ms. Judy Yang specially organised a CPR incursion for ECE – not for the teachers but for the children! The session was very interactive and fun, with the children learning some crucial new skills that might one day be very important.

      While they did get to learn about CPR, and how to administer it, the most important skill they learned was about how to call for an ambulance. We learnt a short rhyme to help us remember the different numbers (fire, police, ambulance), and when to call. We hope the children never need to do this, but it is important that they know!

      We know that the children really learnt something, as they are now pretending to do CPR in their play, with correct hand technique and all!