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    Cross Year Level Learning at YCIS


    26 Feb, 2018

    10 : 00

    • This semester both Year 6 and Year 8 have been doing research into Chongqing and the businesses that operate here. The students have been able to use their real-life experiences and knowledge of our hometown to aid research and learning in the classroom.

      To help develop their Global Citizen Learner Profile characteristics, the students have been working as Inquirers and as Risk-takers. The students have completed their own investigation into characteristics of Chongqing such as the population and workforce, natural resources and land, infrastructure, economies of scale, and government support. Some parents may recall being interviewed by a student about their work or their company in Chongqing. This lead to a further opportunity for cross year-level learning and taking a risk.

      The Year 8’s were advised that they will present their research to the Year 6’s, leading by example to demonstrate the research skills of the secondary students. This presented a great opportunity for the Year 8’s to become teachers to their peers and consolidate their learning.

      To reflect this, based on their experience with the Year 8’s, the Year 6’s were given an additional week to put together their own research and then present their work to the Year 8’s and demonstrate the learning they had done.

      The students truly enjoyed this opportunity and many students displayed excellent skills regarding teaching and supporting their fellow students whether older or younger.

      The students and teachers look forward to more opportunities for Primary and Secondary to work together!