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    Cambodia Bazaar - a BIG thank you!


    08 Feb, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Last Friday, the Year 12 IBDP CAS class invited Primary students to participate in a fundraising activity in the gym – the Cambodian Bazaar. Primary students donated an entrance fee which allowed them to participate in a range of activities including Henna tattoo’s, obstacle courses, bouncy castle and slides and KTV singalongs. There was also a bake sale, raffle prizes and guessing games. By all reports, and evidenced by the smiles on all the children’s faces, everyone had a fantastic time. More importantly, the children were proud to know that by participating in this event they were helping our Y12 students help communities in Cambodia that are less fortunate than ours. With the funds raised, the Y12 CAS students are planning to finance 3 sustainable projects in Cambodia.

      They will be:

      • buying bricks and soil so that a school can garden for themselves and produce fresh vegetables for a healthy lifestyle;
      • buying pipes and fittings for a water system so that the children and their families can access clean drinking water 24 hours a day;
      • buying recycling materials (such as bins) so the kids can practice a sustainable lifestyle, go to school in a clean environment and generate an income source.

      The Y12 CAS class would like to extend a BIG thank you to:

      • all the students who attended the Bazaar,
      • the Primary teachers and leadership team for helping supervise the event and being flexible with the timetable,
      • Secondary teachers who helped support and supervise the event,
      • Our parent community for helping their children participate in the event

      Not only did the Y12 class reach their targeted goal, they surpassed it due to the amazing support from staff, students and the parent community.

      Again, thank you to everyone; your support of planned projects in Cambodia is especially meaningful and the Y12’s are sure even more meaningful to the local communities they will be helping while in Siem Reap. Every contribution made from teachers, marketing, Ai Yi’s, students, and parents was a huge blessing towards a worthy cause.