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    Relive the Great Moments of Semester 1's ECP


    29 Nov, 2017

    10 : 00

    • The Extra Curricular Program for Semester 1 has drawn to a close this week. More than 250 students participated in a variety of activities to either broaden or extend their skills and knowledge.

      From Year 1 to Year 13, students participated in a diverse programme with activities from all around the world, catering for all students’ interests.

      Our sports enthusiasts were exposed to multiple sports, including soccer, basketball, flag football, swimming and even fencing. On the cultural side, students had the opportunity to try their hand at “stop-motion” video making, science, etiquette, Model United Nations, and Korean language. To get their creative juices flowing and to explore their more artistic side, students could form part of the YCIS orchestra, create beautiful arts and crafts, and explore movement in contemporary dance.

      Aside from these, there were many other exciting activities offered in the programme. The activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all YCIS students who took part and they learned many new skills.

      We are looking forward to the next semester, in which the Extra Curricular Program starts at the 19th of March. We welcome all parents and others from the community who would like to share their skills and expertise with our students, to join us in Semester 2. In our Extra Curricular Program we encourage our students to learn something new or challenge themselves to achieve higher levels in their field of interest.