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    Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


    28 Sep, 2017

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    • Over the past few years, the YCIS Chongqing’s Physical Education and sports programmes have developed greatly in stature and also quality.

      Through teaching an awareness and responsibility for our own health; basic hand eye coordination; ball skills; fair play and good sportsmanship, students at YCIS are able to grow in confidence to take part in a variety of physical activities.

      1. Our Lower Primary programme (Year 1 – Year 3) is an introductory programme and we look to provide students with a good foundation and instil a love and enjoyment towards physical education. It covers a wide range of skills and processes, including spatial awareness, low organisation and cooperation activities, gross motor skills, basic gymnastic skills, a variety of ball skills, basic coordination and dance.
      2. Our Upper Primary programme (Year 4 – Year 6) looks to further develop skills to achieve a solid pathway and transition into secondary school. Some new skills are introduced, including more advanced gymnastic skills, modified sports games, teamwork and teambuilding activities, as well as an introduction to healthy living and basic anatomy.
      3. In our Lower Secondary programme (Year 7 – Year 9), students are introduced to a wide range of sporting activities and they begin to delve more into specific game rules and complex skills. Students are also introduced to more theoretical components of physical education, making them more aware of human anatomy, components of fitness and biomechanics (with use of video analysis).
      4. Our Upper Secondary programme (Year 10 – year 13) Physical Education becomes a selection course, with the option of taking Physical Education to the IGCSE level, which allows students to take part in and master a wide range of sporting activities. They also delve deeper into human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and also commercialisation in sport. This should really prepare our students to choose Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences at an IBDP level.

      At YCIS not only are we passionate about our physical education programme, but also our rich extra-curricular programme. To further develop sporting opportunities in Primary, the Physical Education department has been working closely with outside companies to offer soccer, basketball, fencing and taekwondo, and etc.. YCIS Chongqing has also been a member of the SCISAC (The South China International Schools Athletic Conference) and ACAMIS (The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) groups. These both provide our Secondary students with a number of competitive sporting opportunities, including soccer, volleyball and basketball, swimming, cross country and badminton.

      In partnership with the Physical Education programme, together we set YCIS students on the path of being active for life.