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    Powerful Hand


    27 Sep, 2017

    10 : 00

    • In our YCIS Lower Primary Programme, the Chinese classes are one of the most enjoyable lessons where students not only practice their language skills but also enjoy a lot of hands on activities!

      This week, the Year 1 co-teachers encouraged students to learn more about their body parts!

      “My hands are small, but they can do plenty of things!
      They brush my teeth,
      They feed me,
      They write,
      They hug!
      Moreover, my hands can even transform into animals!”

      In our Year 1 CFL (Chinese First Language) class, we learned a song: “Five Little Fingers”.We learned how to do magic tricks with our fingers: Caterpillar, Little Rabbit, Soft Kitty, Jumpy Frog and Fierce Tiger!

      We also drew and painted two different types of palm trees with our hands: unique 3D trees and 2D leafy trees!

      From this lesson, we learned the use of hands and the importance of taking care of our hands!