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    YCIS End of Year Sports Party


    13 Jun, 2017

    10 : 00

    • On the afternoon of Wednesday June 7, YCIS Chongqing celebrated the end the sports year in fabulous fashion. The event was bigger and more exciting than last year’s, with near on 70 students in attendance, compared to the 40 students of last year.

      The celebration also took on a slightly different approach to last year’s formal banquet. This year, we wanted sport to be the main component of the party and so we formed mixed age and gender student teams, with one coach as captain and played a round robin softball tournament. On Wednesday afternoon, Chongqing produced its finest and possibly hottest weather of the year, with blue skies and bright sunshine. The students and coaches played in some fun, exciting and competitive matches, but at the end of the day, only sport was the winner.

      At the end of the afternoon, students had the opportunity to shower and change and then replenish their tanks with pizza and soft drinks. This was a good opportunity for students to chat about the afternoon’s proceedings, as well as reminisce on the events, tournaments and sports trips that have taken place this Academic year.

      To end the party, students were able to watch an iMovie, recapping all of the year’s events and celebrating the fantastic achievements of our teams and individual athletes. This was a special moment as many photos triggered laughter as well as fond memories and moments. A lucky draw provided some final excitement and suspense for the students, before they said their final goodbyes.

      We look forward to hosting the ACAMIS Silver Division Volleyball Tournament next year in October and we hope that 2017/2018 Academic year will bring lots of growth and development and that we can take the Sports Programme to new heights.