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    YCIS Diploma Ceremony Marks a Milestone for Year 13 Graduates


    09 Jun, 2017

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    • The time of year has come where we bid farewell to our Year 13 students. Graduation marks the end of a chapter for a student and this is the time for them to be leaving their familiar surroundings and embarking on a new journey of adulthood.

      This year, YCIS Chongqing will send off five wonderful graduating seniors, each of them following a different path and ready for the challenge the world has awaiting them. On June 9, we welcomed the friends and family of our Year 13 students to our Great Hall for a special commencement ceremony held to honour their achievements during their time at YCIS Chongqing.

      Staff, students and parents attended the event to witness this grand moment. Several heartfelt speeches were delivered by University Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Ku-Ku Cheung; the Co-Principals, Ms. Sophie Che and Mr. McBurney and YCEF Superintendent, Ms. Shirley Mead.

      This year, long-standing student Cadence Tam was elected as Valedictorian. Cadence has been in YCIS Chongqing since kindergarten and is the epitome of a bilingual student from YCIS. She has witnessed the growth and changes of our school throughout these years and gave a speech sharing some of her experiences at YCIS.

      Following the valedictorian speech came the big moment where each student was presented with their graduation diploma and ceremoniously moved the tassels on their graduation caps from the left side to the right, marking their transition from YCIS students to YCIS graduates.

      After the ceremony, all participants were invited to the cafeteria for a small celebratory gathering where cakes and bubbly apple cider were enjoyed.

      At YCIS, we pride ourselves in providing a holistic education where students are better prepared to succeed in the real world and we trust that they will leave as global ambassadors, young adults that really can make a difference in the world.

      We wish the graduating class of 2017 the most success and the best of luck in their studies in college, and we look forward to hearing from them in the future.