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    YCIS Annual Amazing Race


    16 Jun, 2017

    10 : 00

    • As a great addition to the growing legacy of YCIS annual parent supported events, the 3rd annual Amazing Race kicked off on Friday, Jun 9 after an ‘opening-ceremony’ assembly on Tuesday where each team chose their buffs, with ten teams participating this year (including 4 teacher teams).

      As is tradition, the event began with quick-fire trivia round to determine the order in which the teams got their hands on the first clue. Immediately the teams were placed off-balance as they were instructed to split the team in half with each half receiving different clues and instructions. Were the clues related? Did the solution of one puzzle help the other half of the team? How would the team regroup if they are in different places? It was a hectic start, as the Parent Organization lived up to their exceptional reputation for challenging puzzles.

      After a series of puzzles aimed at helping to find clues around the school, the Amazing Race went even harder - testing mental acuity, creativity, athleticism and teamwork. Highlights included learning Kung-Fu masters and moves and performing them in full martial arts attire, the three-legged Frisbee challenge, the Primary Playground Assault Course, a lively, life-sized game of snakes a ladders, and of course, the choregraphed dance piece at the end.

      We were blessed with wonderful weather and once the teacher team Flourescent Pinks emerged as the Amazing Race winners, all were treated to an amazing BBQ in the sunshine. Chilli dogs and fresh fruit were some of the treats that refueled all the happy participants. There was a great sense of community as parents, teachers, students and their families all shared stories of their difficulties with the challenges. The event definitely achieved its goal of bringing people together in a safe environment to learn, share experiences and have fun!