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    Open House


    05 Nov, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Our annual YCIS Chongqing Open House event for parents took place from November 2 to November 3. The intended purpose of the event was for parents to have the opportunity to attend classes with their children and to experience the types of activities and learning that take place in the classrooms. Our students treat this as a valuable time to showcase their diligence, intelligence and skills in front of parents as well as teachers.

      The day began when parents were greeted by teachers in the Great Hall. After a brief orientation, on ways to maximize the potential of the event, they were brought to their children’s classrooms. There, parents were able to experience a normal day of classes including subjects such as Mathematics and English. They also gained an insight into how the school operates and how lessons are conducted. Parents were encouraged to sit together with their children to support with learning activities. Students were excited to impress parents with their passion for learning and the outcomes they created.

      Overall the Open House days held here at YCIS Chongqing were a great success as parents were impressed with the students’ performance, in addition to the interesting and dynamic lessons being taught by the faculty. These open house lessons also provided a great opportunity to enhance communication between the school and parents; and has done wonders to build a strong working relationship between teachers and parents. We hope to build from the positive experience that the Open House event provided and continue to work with parents to enrich the lives of our treasured students.