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    Stupendous Sports


    08 Apr, 2022

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Chongqing recently hosted it's annual Primary and Secondary Sports Days.

      These days are designed to motivate and promote  enjoyment for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. They also develop, teamwork and a positive approach to competition. These aspects of education are significantly important to overall health and well-being and serve as important life lessons, something  that we value at YCIS Chongqing.

      The event also supports students to develop their Learner Profile traits such as Principled, Risk-taker and Communicators. Sport Days hold significant value as an event within the academic calendar, as the potential for learning and holistic development is limitless.

      After several days of rain, Primary needed to use their indoor Sports Day plan. All the students still completed 6 competitions with great enjoyment and enthusiasm, the activities they participated in included: 20 meters *4 times of return run, long jump, ball throwing, one minute skipping, tug of war for house, and house relay. Sports Day is not only an opportunity for students to demonstrate their strengths, but also to understand the importance of teamwork. 

      In the afternoon a Kung Fu performance as part of a house competition took place, although there was only a small amount of practice time, all houses presented wonderful performances for everyone.

      Secondary school students were fortunate enough to have their sports day outside, with the rain just about holding off long enough for us to finish all of the events. The day once again showcased the best of our athletic prowess, with multiple school records being broken and hidden talents being discovered.

      We‘re very impressed with the manner that all our secondary students conducted themselves, and we saw many occasions where students were supporting, and encouraging one another. We hope that everyone involved in our Sports Day had an enjoyable time, and we wish that next year parents will be able to attend so that we can share the joy of Sports Day with you all.