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    Track on three! 3, 2, 1, TRACK!


    01 Apr, 2022

    10 : 00

    • At YCIS Chongqing, our students practice their leadership skills in various ways. 

      This spring, a new CCA was initiated by a Year 12 student, Rebecca Peng. The Track and Field Team has become a popular after-school activity, drawing students from all different year groups in secondary to participate.

      Athletes on the team meet every Thursday after school to run tough workouts and cheering for each other to keep going. They start by running a warm-up, then performing dynamic stretches.

      “Running is so much more than a sport. It allows us students to bond together, build teamwork, and practice pushing through pain” says Rebecca. As an athlete who participated in the National United States of American Track and Field Association, Rebecca has had much experience running and seeing the benefits it brings to both her and her former teammates.

      “Track is something that I look forward to every week. Every time we run, there are always challenges and difficulties which make us better and better each time.” Alex Li, Year 10, says.

      Thank you to the Track and Field Team for demonstrating the importance of activity, friendships, and resilience. We look forward to hearing their achievements in future activities.