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    Technology Topic - Presentation by NASA Scientist


    01 Apr, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Miss Carmen’s daughter, Nicole, is currently working on a science project as part of her PhD and she visited the Year 5 Learning Community last week to tell the students all about it.

      Last Friday, she delivered an interactive presentation that also involved students sharing their knowledge and experiences. The presentation was closely linked to many of the subjects we are focusing on in our curriculum, including Digital Literacy (Coding), Science, P4C, Reading, and writing.

      Nicole’s astrophysics research is funded by NASA. As part of her work, they are going to use a balloon to carry the XL-Calibur telescope high into the upper atmosphere. Nicole also shared lots of the equipment used as part of her work, this included; telescopes, detectors, cooling equipment and various types of software.

      The Year 5 motto has become ‘EKARI’ – Experience, Knowledge, Application, Reflection, and Improvement. 

      The presentation and discussion proved to be a valuable experience and the students got to see how what they are learning is applied in a real-life context. Nicole quizzed the students at the end of the presentation to check the knowledge they had gained.