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    Welcome to Our Astrolympics!


    25 Mar, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Last Friday our Year 1 students invited other Learning Communities to the basketball court to participate in their Astrolympics!

      This event was a celebration of all of the hard work and wonderful learning that has taken place during the Year 1 Space theme. The children learned about the International Space Station, the life of an astronaut, the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and the planets of the Solar System.

      The celebrations began with the Year 1 students performing the 'Planet song'. This song was used to help the students learn the order of and facts about each of the 8 planets in our Solar System, as well as the 5 dwarf planets.

      The students were divided into 8 groups, one for each planet, and they also dressed in the planet’s colours. The Year 1 students led a Space-based activity, sharing interesting facts about the planets before explaining the activity and providing a demonstration to the visiting students.

      The first YCIS Chongqing  Astrolympics was a great success, everyone involved had a wonderful time, discovering lots of facts and new learning about Space. Year 1 students are now looking forward to starting their next theme – toys!