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    Celebrating Pink Shirt Day


    04 Mar, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Pink Shirt Day is an internationally-recognised event that promotes small acts of kindness and raises awareness about bullying.

      On Wednesday 23rd February YCIS Chongqing held it's own Pink Shirt Day. Activities were delivered as a form time House Event. This allowed students to work in buddy groups and explore approaches to ensure all students are treated with kindness on campus.

      Secondary students and their primary buddies had a deep discussion about what’s Pink Shirt Day and what types of things could be called bullying? They also collaborated to make a chain of pink, on which they wrote some words to express their ideas of anti-bullying.

      It's great to see everyone participating in the event and share their different views and opinions, this brings us closer in understanding the meaning of Pink Shirt Day.