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    Caring for Our Planet


    04 Mar, 2022

    10 : 00

    • After six weeks of arduous work, Year 5 students made their learning relevant and tangible by celebrating their knowledge, skills, and experience with a larger audience, including parents, through their exhibition.

      In our eagerness to apply and demonstrate an interdisciplinary curriculum, students were guided to integrate the different subjects taught in class, such as Music, Philosophy for Children (P4C), Science, Integrated studies, and English.


      Learners shared their multifaceted research papers with information about different animals, habitats, life processes, and interesting facts.


      The students created a magnificent percussion solo using recyclable materials. The creative and high quality composition was enjoyed by all.


      The students worked on an environmentally friendly project by combining various articles created from recyclable material, which were displayed during our exhibition.


      Our students created a presentation focused on human activity. The approach provided was how these activities might destroy our planet.


      The school event that connected our theme was the Public Speaking Competition. Students developed their speeches based on what they were researching, coming up with speeches about their personal experiences related to taking care of our planet.

      Digital Literacy

      As always, technology was utilised before and throughout our exhibition, through the use of the school technology devices and the implementation of students' knowledge of coding while creating various mini projects in Tynker; these projects were presented during the exhibition.

      Added to this, the students guided their parents in a Virtul Reality (VR) experience, a system that has been applied in classes resulting in an essential component of student learning.

      As we can observe, this exhibition was full of outstanding results. It was a really enjoyable experience as our students were motivated and demonstrated independence. The content allowed the audience to stay connected from the start to the finish. Congratulations, Year 5 students!