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    What a Play!


    28 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Year 6 dazzled us this week with their creativity and communication skills as a way to celebrate their learning at the end of a project on playscripts. Drama develops spoken language skills and confidence and as an opportunity to showcase their learning, our student took full advantage of this by performing the playscripts in the Great Hall.

      The learning project started with a real life scenario, it was an image, in which Joe was asking his parents for permission to stay up late to watch something on TV. This provided the ideal stimulus to learn about a particular genre of writing known as ‘playscripts’.

      The students collaborated on Microsoft Teams to plan, write and edit the playscript, the outcome of this would see the students perform in front of an audience. They also developed verbal and non-verbal communication skills along with collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills. The project culminated with ECE, Y3 and Y5 watching the live performances, enjoying the humor and marveling at the quality of acting.

      Well done Year 6, you are great role models and set an excellent example for all our primary students.