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    What's inside?


    20 May, 2021

    10 : 00

    • If you are a student, teacher or parent and you go past a school, you can often wonder… What’s inside? What are the children like who go there? What are the teachers like? I wonder if my child would like to go there? Last Saturday a group of families got to find out what YCIS Chongqing was like on the ‘inside’.

      After hearing about the history of our Foundation of schools, they listened intently as to why YCIS Chongqing is unique, while also hearing us celebrating the success of our older students who have received acceptances at world class universities

      After an enjoyable tour of the campus, Ms. Hammond and Mr. Mayes spoke about our Learning Communities approach and how this is personalized to meet the needs of our students in ECE and Primary School.

      While the parents remained in the Great Hall to speak with our Admissions Team and SLT, the children took part in some exciting and engaging activities, from building towers to making rockets, the children came back to their parents with beaming smiles. Now I know what’s inside and I love it!