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    What Will We Find out?


    02 Apr, 2021

    10 : 00

    • It was wonderful to see more students accompanying their parents to our Learning Conferences this past week. Our conferences are an opportunity for the teachers to share what the children do well, but also what they can further develop. It is important that the student, teacher and parent are all part of this process so they can celebrate accomplishments, but also to plan for their next steps in learning together.

      Walking around the campus on Monday 29th March, for the final Learning Conferences of the academic year, you could sense the anticipation, what would the teacher say that the child and parent could be proud of, what is the next goal that has been set for the rest of the year and beyond? As a school, we were extremely happy with the number of parents and students who attended, and we continue to encourage all parents to attend with their children if they are in Year 3 or above for the first of our conferences next academic year.

      Research highlights the benefits of building a strong foundation between home and school as this leads to greater student achievement. We therefore look forward to the development of stronger collaboration between students, teachers and parents.