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    We Care


    02 Apr, 2021

    10 : 00

    • At YCIS Chongqing, our ‘Learner Profile’ supports the students to aspire to be the best learners and people they can be by understanding and developing 10 key attributes and traits.

      Over the past semester, all students in Primary and Secondary have been ‘breaking down’ these traits through a series of fun House activities. These experiences have helped the students understand what each trait means and how to use it to become even better learners.

      This week, we ‘unpacked’ the Learner Profile trait ‘caring’. This means we care for and respect each other, ourselves and our environment. To help the students understand what it means to be caring, each House built a planter box. Through our buddy groups, each student had the opportunity to care for the soil and carefully plant some vegetable seeds which we hope will grow and flourish. The students know that they need to continue to care for the vegetables by watering them regularly. We hope to be able to donate our vegetables to some people who are less food secure than ourselves, or to our school cafeteria in order to support greater sustainability.

      While we focused on caring this week, the students know that to be the best learner they can be, they should demonstrate this caring attitude as much as possible, while also continuing to develop the other Learner Profile traits. Understanding and demonstrating these on a consistent basis with support the students to not only achieve highly but more importantly be fantastic global citizens now and into the future.