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    What Will it Look Like?


    24 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Over the last few years, a new landmark has continued to grow in Chongqing and now it’s nearly ready. From the day all of the outside building work was completed, our excitement has been growing, waiting for the right time to share with you.

      Our vision has been to provide our students with a state of the art facility that will allow our teaching team to deliver the finest possible experiences, ensuring we deliver a top-tier education programme.

      The building has been designed and built using materials that are environmentally friendly, this is vital if we are to achieve the LEED Gold Standard. Part of this standard also means that the air quality meets the necessary standards during and after construction. We are aware of a small number of buildings in Chongqing that meet the LEED Gold Standard, for example the IFC buildings, but we will be the only school in Chongqing to meet this standard. Working to such high specifications highlights our commitment to ensuring the new building meets the highest international standards

      Work began in December on our internal environment. We are using a company that has worked on some very famous landmarks in Chongqing, for example the Chongqing hall within the Beijing People’s Hall, the Chongqing Government Building and Three Georges Museum. All of our classroom furniture and carpeting has been sourced from world renowned suppliers in New Zealand and the USA. These suppliers have been chosen specifically because their products have the highest environmental standards around the world.

      Our unique outdoor environment has been designed to represent the topography of Chongqing, celebrating our wonderful mountainous city. As the building itself is designed to accommodate over 700 students, there will be ample space both inside and outside of the building. The building has also been designed to house play spaces on various levels of the building, including the roof, allowing our older secondary students zones to be active, to relax or study.

      The outdoor equipment used during break times has been purchased from a world renowned supplier in Finland, we can’t wait for the students to see the new equipment we have for them to make breaktimes even more fun and exciting. One of the outdoor areas will pay special attention to Madam Tsang Chor-hang who was responsible for founding the Yew Chung and Yew Wah Education Foundation and it is only fitting that her leadership is recognized within this magnificent building.

      Click here to have a first look into our new building.

      We look forward to a bright new future in and outside of a building that has been constructed using only the highest standards.