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    When You Love, You Are Loved


    19 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Yew Chung International School of Chongqing is a place where care and love is promoted and celebrated whenever is possible.

      Recently our Year 5 students have been learning about ‘Animal Rights’ while our Year 6 students have been learning about ‘Sharing Our Planet’. As part of their learning experience, both Learning Communities decided to sponsor a dog from the Geleshan Dog Shelter. Students listened to presentations about how to raise a dog and what kind of responsibilities that students need to undertake if an adopted dog becomes a member of YCIS Chongqing Community.

      When we received further information from the Geleshan Dog Shelter, we found out that the costs for caring for one of the large number of dogs at the shelter is 14rmb per month. This was way below what students had estimated. After hearing the presentations and finding out about the dogs themselves and their previous lives before moving to the shelter, the students were eager to contribute to support this very valuable project. Both Learning Communities joined forces and were able to raise a combined total of 1300rmb. What an amazing effort!

      We were delighted to welcome the sponsored dog, who is now named ‘Cream’ to our campus on Thursday 11th March. The dog shelter will keep us regularly updated about the dog’s welfare.

      It is this kind of real life experience that will support the student’s sense of moral principle and the building of habits such as kindness and the respect of others. These are valuable traits that form part of YCIS Chongqing’s leaner profile.

      We look forward to sharing more updates about our community dog ‘Cream’ in the future.