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    NBA at YCIS


    19 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Our first ever Basketball Skills Competition took place this past Saturday morning. We had 18 of our finest basketball students from Y7 to Y13 competing in 3 challenges: Key Skills, Dunking, and Shooting.

      To add a further level of challenge we split the students into two age brackets. We were delighted with how hard the students played, they hustled up and down the court, fully engaged, looking to win while also having a great time with their peers.

      In the spirit of friendly, yet fierce competition, the winners were rewarded with a trophy. Not only did this competition provide a great workout, it also helped to promote their quick reactions, boost confidence and encourage teamwork.

      Students could be heard saying ‘what a great way to spend the weekend’ while others said ‘it’s just like an NBA training camp.

      We look forward to more of these types of competitions, but for now, we encourage our our new NBA stars to keep practicing.