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    New Seeds of the Spring


    12 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • An annual delight to the senses, springtime sees us emerge from the darkness of winter to enjoy brighter mornings and longer evenings. We increasingly look to spend time out-of-doors, watering seeds and patiently awaiting the arrival of more and more beautiful florals. It also reminds us that Arbor Day, the annual Tree Planting Festival begins today.

      This festival has taken on more meaning for our Year 6 students. Encouraged by their teachers, the Year 6 learning community has begun a new learning project; to create their own Miniature Garden. Students were collaborating in groups, having been assigned different tasks to complete in order to successfully achieve their project.

      Using various gardening tools, some students were loosening the soil and planting seeds, while others were deciding which plants would grow best together or watering seeds that had just been planted. While preparing their mini garden, our students didn’t expect to see so many ‘mini beasts’ that had set up ‘home’ already in the students gardens. They wanted to enjoy this new experience as much as the students, spring is certainly a time when everything comes to life!

      The students hard work has really really paid off! Their small piece of land has turned out to be a truly elegant spring garden! With our Year 6’s students care and nurturing, we hope the seeds planted will flourish and bloom, adding another piece of beauty to our lovely campus.