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    YCIS Achieved Bronze Award From P4C


    06 Nov, 2020

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    • Philosophy for Children (P4C) is aninquiry based pedagogywhere students take the lead and teachers facilitate. Through P4C we teach the children to be 21st Century thinkers and learners. P4C provides an exciting and innovative learning journey for all taking part. The students learn how to listen to other viewpoints and ideas, how to agree and disagree in a caring approach and how to communicate their own ideas and build on their thinking in a collaborative way.

      YCISCQ is the only school in South-West of China that offers P4C as a part of its curriculum. Here at YCISCQ, the children in ECE & Primary participate in weekly P4C sessions that are linked to the topics they are learning.

      In Secondary, we use strategies from P4C within our Critical Thinking time, during form time, this acts as a pathway toward preparing our students for IB, in particular Theory of Knowledge (TOK). All of our ECE & Primary teachers are level one trained in facilitating P4C. We also have a number of Secondary staff members trained to facilitate high quality P4C sessions.

      We have recently participated in ongoing training to ensure we are facilitating in the best possible way for the students here at YCISCQ. We were lucky to have parents participating in the training allowing them an insight into how to facilitate and develop their children. The children participate in a variety of activities developing their thinking and sharing abilities, these are often done in a variety of languages to support thinking skills. ECE & Primary families have the opportunity to participate in a P4C activity at home through the children’s weekly homework.

      YCISCQ was awarded 4C’s school status back in 2019, the name of this status has recently been changed, and we were awarded the Bronze Award over the recent weekend of training. This means here at YCISCQ, we teach high quality P4C across the whole of ECE & Primary. We strive to develop our children into critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinkers. All of these areas link closely with our internationally focused learner profile and the Yew Chung Education Foundation Mission Principles and Practices.

      Want to find out how to support your child in becoming a 21st Century thinker and learner? Watch out for the up and coming P4C workshops that we will be offering to parents throughout the rest of the year.