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    Have You Got A Smile?


    30 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Smile Campaign is one of the most popular events at YCISCQ, it has become an annual tradition that students design a smile sticker and share them with our local community. We have found that giving a smile gets a smile in return, so we want to share as many smiles as possible!

      The YCISCQ Smile Campaign was inspired by Jayden Hayes, a child from America who lost both of his parents at the age of six. Jayden wanted to make others feel joy as he felt this would help him in overcoming the sorrow of losing his family.

      Inspired by Jayden’s vision, students in all year levels take part in a fierce competition to design one of the 20 stickers used in our campaign. Our 20 proud winners were announced in the school community for their wonderful ideas and creativity.

      Due to the pandemic, our students will not be able to go into the community and hand out smile stickers to people on the streets. Instead on Friday, 30 October, the 6th YCISCQ Smile Campaign kicked off, led by Student Council members and SSD staff. A group of students gathered at the school gate early in the morning to share our smile stickers to the parents as they dropped off their children, many touching moments were witnessed plus lots and lots of smiles! Morning recess was filled with laughter as the students enjoyed sharing their stickers and most importantly showing each other their smiles.

      The day came to a close with more stickers being shared with parents at the end of the school day, waving goodbye, but also keeping those smiles in our hearts and minds for the weekend and beyond.

      A small change can make a big difference, that’s why a simple smile can brighten a person’s day, take a moment to try it.