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    2020-2021 Student Council


    10 Sep, 2020

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    • One of the hallmarks of our school is our exceptionally strong culture of fostering student leadership. There are multiple groups on campus that are dedicated to a range of focuses and causes, and impressively these groups are genuinely student led.

      As always, we begin the year by electing our Student Council which in many ways acts as the ‘top of the umbrella’ of the student led groups on campus. The Student Council’s mission is to serve and represent all students on our campus and to improve the quality and experiences of students’ school life while they are here.

      It is pleasing to note that a great number of students, from every year level, inclusive of students who are new to YCIS Chongqing this year self-nominated to serve on the Student Council. The Secondary leaders had the opportunity to sit down with each nominee to discuss their perspectives on leadership and ideas for the year - these are always positive conversation and a great way to start the school year!

      As always, we wish to remind all students that there are many leadership and service opportunities available on our campus and we welcome as much involvement as possible.