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    Creative Minds are on Display


    10 Sep, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Recently, Year 6 Learning Community kicked off the start of their academic year with a Talent Show. Creativity was on display as 28 students exhibited their own unique gifts. Violinists played their favorite songs, pianist showed their magic fingers, models demonstrated the art of modeling, and mathematicians exhibited excellence. Amazing pieces of art, paintings, clay models, photography, and handmade items were showcased. Sports enthusiasts would have enjoyed the demonstrations of swimming, basketball, jump rope, golf (hole in one), fencing, roller blading, and the limbo!

      After the students show cased their talents, they were interviewed. In front of their peers, students told us such things as, when they started their hobby, how often they do it, does it come naturally or through hard work, and what are their future aspirations. Students learned a lot about their fellow students. But more importantly, they learned that they all have their own unique skillsets. This talent show broadened their prospective of talent, and widened their creative mindset.

      This event has inspired Year 6s to begin their first Academic Topic, ‘Creative Minds’, which will lead the students through a 6-week journey of creativity and discovery. How will their talents and creativity stack up against the creative minds of the past and present? You might be surprised!