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    A Celebration of Learning in Year 3


    15 Nov, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Celebrations are always a time of sharing enjoyable moments and experiences. That’s exactly how Year 3 parents felt as they joined the Year 3 Learning Celebration on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Year 3 Students were very proud of their work as they engaged their parents in discussing and showcasing the learning they have had during the first semester exploring the unit Knowing Ourselves and Our Community.

      Students eagerly walked their parents around the learning community rooms, showing them their books and displays of their work. This ranged from their traditional tale narratives, acrostic poems, ‘our world’ information booklets and examples of building mathematical skills and knowledge. There were aspects of their science and geography units with handmade cardboard models of how muscles work, spiders’ exoskeletons and humans’ endoskeletons hanging in the room, as well as a LEGO model of the school that students have worked in small groups to build.

      Parents really enjoyed seeing their children’s warm and engaging learning environment, in particular, their children’s daily work displayed around the room and in their books. They also noted being encouraged by the independence in learning the children showcased. The year 3 Learning Community Team is very excited to continue to develop these learning celebrations as teachers and parents work together to build lifelong learners in these young children.