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    Halloween Night


    07 Nov, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On the 1st of November, the Student Council organised its second Halloween Night event in school Great Hall. As a follow up from last year, this year’s Halloween Night event aimed to entertain the students as much as it did previously, but with a slight twist.

      Recognising the Year 12 students’ efforts towards Cambodia, the Student Council planned for this year’s Halloween Night to be a fundraiser, with profits going towards the Year 12 CAS projects. As such, the Student Council worked twice as hard to ensure that these profits were at a maximum.

      The initial planning stages of the event started early in the academic year, with the event being the Student Council’s primary goal for a period of a few months. The event comprised of a Treasure Hunt (in substitute to last year’s Haunted House), and several activities in the Great Hall. The winner of the Treasure Hunt was awarded a 100RMB coupon for Tuck Shop – a shop run by the Student Council which sells student-favourite goods such as Doritos and Cheez-Its.

      On the day of the event, over 80 students turned up to enjoy the student-led Halloween celebration, wearing various costumes which ranged from Teletubbies to anime characters. Students stayed in school from 15.30 to 18.30, enjoying the activities set up for them in the Great Hall and on other areas of the school. Students also enjoyed the food donated by several members of the Parent Organisation, almost emptying the entire food-table halfway through the event.

      This year’s Halloween Night event was surely an enjoyable one, and was a definite success. Over 1700RMB was raised and put towards the school’s yearly Cambodia Effort. The Student Council plans to bring more successful events in the upcoming months, and hopefully, the coming years, with each event being more successful than the last.

      -- By John Leano, Year 13 IB Student