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    Proud Winners from CYBL Competition


    24 May, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On the weekend of May 18-19, five Business students form YCIS Chongqing, four Year 12 students from the IBDP program and one Year 10 IGCSE student, signed up for the 5th edition of the China Youth Business League (CYBL) competition.

      Breaking up into two teams of three (we found a willing addition from another school) they took part in a series of problem-solving activities based on real life business Case Studies, while competing against approximately 25 other teams from schools in the region. It was a test of both intuition and planning, students got involved in the cold hard task of making numbers work, and the creative challenge of convincing a skeptical panel their idea was the best.

      A buying and selling exercise tested the ability to think on their feet and the Case Study analysis required every decision to be carefully supported by evidence. CYBL proudly highlight their partnership with the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Associations – and looking at the challenges set for the students it is clear to see their influence.

      The event was broken up into series of competitions, and while all five students represented themselves and the school with professionalism and ability, we would specially like to highlight the second place earned by Min Seo and Claire Seo in the Marketing competition. Well done girls! – and well done too to Eric Yoo, Yoojung Shin & Jason Choi. You took a risk, moved out of your comfort zone and did us proud!