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    Chongqing Europeans Enjoy the Music of YCIS


    23 May, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On May 17, the European Chamber of Commerce of Southwest China held a celebration commemorating the founding of the European Union. As a member, YCIS was invited to participate at the event and we were honored to bring with us some excellent musical performances.

      As in years past, YCIS performance groups have been active in the community to showcase their talents in Music and the Arts - such as singing, dancing and instrumental skills. In many of the festivals, celebrations and international ceremonies, YCIS has demonstrated their dedication and love of music as well as their passion in performing on stage in front of big and small scale audiences.

      On the evening of the European Day, our small orchestral ensemble, consisting of Joe Wang(Flute), David Zheng(Cello), Olivia Choi(Viloin) and Yiwen Xu(Violin) filled the elegant space with a bit of sophistication that only a small ensemble can provide whilst onlookers admired their professionalism.

      Additionally, some staff members also had the opportunity to perform! While the folk-rock sound of Mr. Vukovich, Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Yuen wasn’t exactly European, audiences enjoyed the music and responded with applause, hoots and hollers for an encore.

      A star lit sky saw YCIS performers leaving the stage with content, pride and enjoyment!