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    Primary Open Day


    09 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On Thursday 8th November the primary school held an ‘Open Day’ for parents so that they could visit our learning communities and have the opportunity to see how we learn in these environments. A session was held in the morning for parents to visit the Year 1 and Year 2 learning environments. In the afternoon, parents were able to visit the Year 3 – Year 6 learning communities. During the day parents were able to join with their children and engage in various learning experiences which included mathematics, writing, PE, music, art, violin, …. Parents were also given further explanations about our ‘Phonics’ programme and our P4C (Philosophy for Children) initiative.

      We all felt a bit nervous with so many parents in the Great Hall, but when we started, it was nothing. After the day we were relieved that everything went smoothly.

      A reminder, that we still value your feedback of the day, so please fill in the feedback form on the back of the ‘Open Day’ programme, or simply post on your child’s class Dojo.

      By Venizse, Jinwoo, Alice and Eric (Y6 Primary Student Leadership Team)