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    Ancient Egyptian Day


    09 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Over the last 10 weeks, Year 3s have been learning about Ancient Egyptian Civilization for their study topic. They have explored the topic with excitement. The children have learnt about the location of Egypt, how the pyramids were built and why they are important, Pharaohs, Ancient Egyptian Gods, the importance of the River Nile, the process of mummification and much more. Through practical activities, research and home learning the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this topic.

      As they came to the end of this study topic, on Thursday 8th November, Year 3s had the opportunity to dress up like an Egyptian and further their learning and understanding. The children baked flat bread and made honey cakes in the canteen to prepare for their feast in the afternoon. They learnt about Papyrus paper; how it was made and what it was used for. The children then created papyrus artwork by painting a picture on to their own piece of papyrus. In the afternoon the children had an ‘Ancient Egyptian Feast’ where they tasted olives, figs, dates, honey, flat bread and honey cake which they had prepared earlier in the day.

      The children rounded off the day by showcasing all their work from this study topic through a ‘Learning Museum.’ There was a buzzing atmosphere in the Year 3 Learning Community where the children excitedly shared their learning with their parents and friends.

      By Claire Hammond, Year 3 Team Leader