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    University Guidance and the IB Diploma Programme


    13 Nov, 2018

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    • On the afternoon of Wednesday October 31 we hosted 17 universities from the US for an information session on applying to the US and a university fair. The session was open to Year 10 - Year 12 students and any parents within our community who were interested in learning more about global university applications. This event was part of our ongoing university guidance program which has facilitated the visits of 28 universities from the UK, HK, US and Australia to our campus since August this year. It also marked our second information session of the year, the first being focused on applying to Korean Universities.

      Working collaboratively with the University Guidance Officers at other YCIS campuses, our UGO is responsible for liaising with universities and promoting our school to these institutions. As part of this they facilitate visits to the school in the spring and the autumn. This work supports the ongoing university research and application support that is offered to year 12 and year 13 students alongside their Diploma Program.

      We are looking forward to developing and expanding our provision to our school community over the coming years in line with our developing IB Diploma programme. The International Baccalaureate (IB), and the Diploma Programme (DP) in particular, enjoys a high level of respect and recognition among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IB often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions related benefits at many universities.

      “The university fair was an exciting opportunity for our students to explore their options after graduation. They were able to ask lots of questions regarding courses available to them in different parts of the USA.” –– Head of Secondary, Victoria Wingate

      “I would say that it was such a great opportunity for me, and of course, for all the secondary students involved to obtain abundant information from so many colleges. It was indeed helpful, in a way that I learnt not just ways of deciding by considering multiple factors, as well as I understood the infinite probability and availability of my next stage of education out there. Hence, thanks to all the contributors that made this wonderful event possible!” –– Year 11 student, Brian Ji

      "The University Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with official representatives and alumni to get a better idea of what university admissions officers are looking for. It also helps us to discover universities we hadn't considered earlier." –– Year 12 student, Srividhya Srinivasan